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The Theory of Evolution and the Cambrian Explosion

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This was split from another topic, has enough potential to both derail the other one, and stand out on its own. -LMcD

Really only one thing/event keeps me from truly believing in evolution, Darwinism, and pure atheism.

The Cambrian Explosion.

It basically says that there was a sudden burst in the diversification of fauna, conflicting with the theory of evolution. This has been shown in the fossils of the Cambrian layer.

What are your opinions about this? Feel free to discuss other aspects of Darwinism.


I Just got here!
i cant really tell..
but i dont think that all thats here comes from reptiles...
its just hard to belive..
like i saw somewhere in some documentary..
they found human traces near some dinosaurs traces..


I'm relatively disappointed that this never took off, it is a great argument for those who believe in a "higher power".

Anywho, /bump.


I Just got here!
well maybe next time you try to start a good debate on evolution you should use a more credible source than wikipedia. Try using a study by a university or something is all I'm saying.


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Quake III Member
Wouldn't those who believe in a "higher power", and want to use this argument have to accept that:

1) life existed before
2) fossil record and radiometric dating is legit
3) evolution happened before, since the argument is not wheter evolution happened, but is why was it so fast during that period
4) life became more diverse after, but still drastically different from todays?

from number 3)
5) life "changed" to the life we know as todays?

So "higher power" intervined once between pre-camb and cambrian? ... But didn't feel like
creating humans, until way later?

"Charles Darwin saw it as one of the main objections that could be made against his theory of evolution by natural selection.[7]"

In his time there were no radiometric dating.
In his time"In 1862, the physicist William Thomson (who later became Lord Kelvin) of Glasgow published calculations that fixed the age of Earth at between 20 million and 400 million years.[20][21] He assumed that Earth had formed as a completely molten object, and determined the amount of time it would take for the near-surface to cool to its present temperature. His calculations did not account for convection inside the Earth, which allows more heat to escape from the interior to warm rocks near the surface.[20]"

So darwin actually had massively overestimated the pace of evolution. And that was that.

"Over the following 70 or 80 million years the rate of evolution accelerated by an order of magnitude (as defined in terms of the extinction and origination rate of species[4])"

As for explanations, on the wiki page there were many explanations. As with must complex systems, many different changes occur. I am inclined to think that the explosion was not attributed to one factor, but rather all or most of the explained factors working together.

Looking at them:
End-Ediacaran mass extinction, Increase in oxygen levels, Snowball Earths provided the empty and good oppurtunities for the life that remained after the mass extinction to conquer. The surviving species probably reclaimed and spread out into the "now suitable" lands. As for all life after an extinction events, the food chain is reorganized, and the predator/prey relationship is reorganized. The prey spreads to a new land far away from its original location, out of the original families gene pool range. It meets new predator, evolve, now comparing to the species that theyre from, they are drastically different.

Biology is beyond me but i looked at the time line events in the cambrian explosion, the emergence of animals certainly had different properties.... But it wasn't like there was a worm, then suddenly you find a horse in the fossil records...


you said "Really only one thing/event keeps me from truly believing in evolution, Darwinism, and pure atheism. "
Why does believing in evolution means atheism? Granted i do not see the religions today as "compatible" with evolution, but why does that mean there was no higher power, one not described by religion? Unless you meant atheism as in not believing in "earthly high powers".

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