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Religion in Politics

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1 Religion in Politics on Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:30 am


I know we already have a religion topic, but this one is different. I want to know what you all think religion in politics does in accordance to decision-making.

For example, pro-life people have an argument saying "abortion is against God's will". But God is an invention of man some say, and to others he/she is very real. How can we base humane decisions off of a creative philosophy that not everyone agrees on? Also, how come religion in politics excludes a lot of things too? The President always is Christian or Protestant, and always is celebrating Christmas with America or Easter with America. Do you think if we ever got a Jewish President that he would still have to celebrate those things with America?

I guess my questions would be, "What is your view on religion in politics? Why? Is this good or bad for humanity's goal to be 'as one'?"

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Seeing as religion is fiction, and Government is an excuse for people to control other people, I say they might as well because they already have full control on everyone's lives and there isn't much we can do about it.


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Quake III Member
I was gonna make a point about that on the religion thread. But decided not to as it was off topic.

Religion and politics/law is not mixed at the moment and should not mix. However what angers me about some people is the claim that people who do not believe in god, or their god cannot behave as normal civilized human beings. This is an insult to human intelligence. Morals today (regardless of its origins) are not practiced because the fear of punishment from god. But it is practiced because we are civilized and clear minded people. Of course the same people will push for laws based on religion. Such as abortion and other issues.

But being the secular government. It is wrong to take in the religious point of view when making a law. Further more, any government, any secular government that is should not recognize law as "religious laws" but as moral laws.

Here is a video that i find interesting. While I do not agree with this guy, I do agree with his basic arguments.

I will not embed this video, and you may find this offensive if you are religious.

And yes i did sign the petition.

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