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Fox News' Right Wing Agenda

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1 Fox News' Right Wing Agenda on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:09 pm


I came across a video on the Fox News site today trying to paint Bill Maher as a sexist due to his comments regarding Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. Now, I do agree it is obvious that Bill Maher does not like those two at all, I can't see how Hannity/Fox automatically assume he is being sexist just because they are woman.......isn't that.....sexist? Video:

Just because you don't like either of those two woman as presidential candidates meaning you are automatically sexist is like saying if you don't approve of Obama being president makes you automatically racist. What a ridiculous idea. But, leave it to Fox to try their best to spin things not only to shit on the left, but to get free publicity for their right wing agenda by making them appear to be the victims in this "harsh liberal, hate driven, atmosphere". Yet, if they do the same thing, it's ok.

Bill O'Riely can go on his Fox radio program and basically say "I went into a black resturant and they weren't sitting there yelling 'get me some more mf-ing ice tea. They sat and ate quietly like the rich white people do"....and then blasts everyone who said he made a racist comment. Video here: Or Hannity actually backing the rights of someone who said "I said hey Obama, suck on my machine gun" and "Hey Hillary, you may want to ride one of these (machine guns) into the sun set, you worthless bitch". Video: But, that's ok.

Considering all of the rhetoric I have seen fox due regarding race, religion, and even themselves....sexism, I found it interesting that they would actually blast Bill Maher for things he said not because it was against woman.....but it was against people he finds an easy target (understandably so) that happen to be women.

The "kicker" to me was in the clip itself that can easily be turned around on them the same way they turned the clips around on Bill Maher. Their claim that because Bill basically calls them "crazy people" and other things in a few colorful fashions is some how automatically sexist (although he never makes an effort to push the woman card in any of those clips) just because they are woman. I would say it's fair to assume that at the end of the clip that Hannity calling Obama out, saying "This failure we have, president cry baby, in the white house" is racist. At least, if you use the "rules" of Fox News.

Hey, Fox......go fuck yourself.


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2 Re: Fox News' Right Wing Agenda on Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:57 pm


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sorry, don't have the stamina to read all of this, though from what i gather, your last line sums up the situation.

They are just trying to "make" a headline story from no-where. Just a little cruel when it's at a person's expense.

This reminds me about that thread about the cadburies ad, supposedly likening some black woman to chocolate. Basically, a load of bullshit.

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