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Outdated Client Message When Trying To Log On The Server.

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I Just got here!
First topic message reminder :

Whenever I try and get on the server this is what happens.


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She's 15 and dyslexic, Jeff, cut her some slack.

Trust me, I know your frustration from past attempts to help her with homework, but the understanding of varying processes and steps itself doesn't come easy to her because of her dyslexia. She's also very far from tech-savvy as well..

But, it being a Mac, does make it slightly harder to mess with, as file locations won't be 100% the same, nor will varying built-in programs used to locate said locations. I can use "Run" and find it, or since I have a Windows 7, I can use the search bar in the start menu, she can't. So while the game itself may be the same, the files themselves won't be 100% exact.


I understand all that. My point is I posted where to find what's needed on a Mac. And posted a video for the Mac. I know the pc file locations are different, so that's why I looked up the Mac locations for her....


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all that pisses me off is

1. "There is no foce update key"
2. "Does this help?"
4. "Ah right i found it but no thanks to that screenshot you posted that explained it super easy"

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